Brands I Love: Warby Parker + Threadflip.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

First and foremost, I want to extend my sincerest thoughts and prayers to the victims of yesterday’s tragic shooting that took place in Navy Yard. I’m still in complete shock, and my heart is very heavy for the families and friends of those who lost loved ones this morning.

To brighten up the mood just a little bit, “Brands I Love” is yet another feature I’d like to begin here on the blog where I will share with you guys experiences with my favorite brands. Now, when it comes to clothing, shoes and accessories, I’m a girl of quality, so I don’t mind investing a few coins into a pair of shoes, a dress or a jacket that I know will last me for a while.  Don’t get me wrong — I love me a good bargain, so when I can find great brands for the cheap, it’s happy happy joy joy over here.  When it comes to accessories, I tend to think less is more, and go with bold statement pieces that not only complement my style, but also my outfit of choice.


Left: The Holt, Stripped. Right: The Marshall, Red

The first brand that I’ve fallen in LOVE with is Warby Parker. (Many props to my friend  Erica Moss for putting me on to such a reputable brand.) So for those of you that don’t know, Warby Parker is this awesome company that sells designer eyewear. What makes them so awesome is the fact they they allow you to pick five pairs on their website, and  they ship them to you (free of charge) for you to wear. Once you receive your five pairs, you’ve got five days to try each of them on, and then you can send them back (again, for the free). But the coolest part is that Warby Parker encourages you share with family and friends via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram how you look in the eyewear — and they share their expertise too! Not only is this a great marketing tactic, but it’s also a great way to get opinion from your peeps about which frames you should purchase. I plan on purchasing The Marshall in red very soon, but now that WP has just released their Fall 2013 collection, I’ve got a feeling that I’ll be having my second in home try-on very soon.

The second brand that I just happened to come across recently is Threadflip. For those of you that like to pop tags with only $20 in your pocket, this website is just for you. From clothes and shoes, to accessories and outwear, Threadflip is pretty much a thrifter’s  dream come true. On the site, ladies (and gents) sell gently used name brand and vintage items for very reasonable prices. While I love to go to my local thrift store and browse through racks on racks on racks of awesome clothing, sometimes it’s just a little bit more convenient to get a brand new clutch and a kate spade iPhone 5 case for under $25 with just a few clicks of a mouse. And with autumn right around the corner, I suspect that I’m going to spend  a lot of time on this website, and many more of my favorite stores in order to stock my closet with seasonal essentials.

What are some of your favorite brands? Be sure to share them with me via Twitter or in the comments below — I’d love to check them out!


3 thoughts on “Brands I Love: Warby Parker + Threadflip.

  1. Natalie says:

    I just got my Warby Parker glasses on Monday! I love them… and your site!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Fellow EBF Alum,


  2. Karen C says:

    Thanks for pointing out Threadflip – found another one! I’ve been using because its so easy but always good to have your stuff available for sale everywhere. Do you have tips on selling with Threadflip?

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