#TechTuesday: Apple Announces More Diverse Emoji

EMOJI Let #TeamiPhone rejoice! 

According to a number of reports,  Apple announced yesterday that it is expanding its beloved Emoji offerings to include much more diversity. From an array of skin color options, to more flags representing countries from around the world, Apple users shared their excitement on Twitter at the sight of the new icons that are allegedly to appear in the next version of iOS and OS X.

While there isn't an exact date for the new update's release, rumor has it that the new iOS update is supposed to drop in late 2015.

Personally, I think its great that Apple is showing that they do acknowledge how diverse our society is, but I wonder -- will the lady in the red dress be represented in different shades too? What about the 'Single Ladies' twins? I'm clearly asking for a friend. 

Are you excited about the new emoji? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or send me a Tweet!