EVENT RE-CAP: The First-Ever White House Instameet

Happy Monday, folks! As many of you could tell from my Instagram photos, I had the awesome opportunity to visit 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue this weekend, and share my entire experience.


For my second time visiting the White House, I must say that I was pretty excited, but very curious as to what exactly we were going to see. For those of you all that have visited before, typically the tours are subject to the East Wing (primarily where FLOTUS hangs out.) And while that remained the same route for ours, it's always a little different when there aren't as many people snapping selfies, asking the same questions, and trying to scoot pass you to get a closer look at an important artifact.

Along with about 20 other Instagrammers (some of which traveled as far as California), not only did we get an up-close-and-personal tour of the East Wing, but we were guided by Pete Souza, THE Chief Official White House Photographer. During our visit, he shared his experiences as a photographer, how he balances using his regular camera and Instagram with his iPhone 6, and shared shared tips on what to look for during our tour.


It was truly a gratifying experience to view such a major part of our nation's history from a different lens. And my fellow tour mates made the tour just as fun with their insightful questions, amazing photographs and overall excitement. A picture is truly worth a thousand words, but I'm grateful to have memories that will last me a lifetime of this awesome day.


For more awesome images from the White House Instameet, search #WHInstameet on Instagram.