You're Not Behind; You're Right Where You're Supposed To Be.


Sometimes, we just need a moment to pause and reflect.  I'll admit, these first four months of 2015 have been an amazing experience. From going back to my beloved alma mater to deliver my first (paid) keynote speech, to picking up running and completing two 5 K races, (I've got a 10 K next month and a half marathon in September - wee!) I've been pretty busy. However, I'm grateful for all of the growth and lessons I've learned thus far.

But of course, being the "Millennial on a Mission" that I am,  I always think that I could be doing more. More speaking engagements, more blog posts and Twitter chats, and of course, much more with certain activation ideas that are just floating in my head waiting to be released. But over-thinking more often than not lead to stress, break-outs and most importantly losing sleep. And as much as we want to THINK that we have the same 24 hours as Beyoncé, we have to remember that our own real lives are a little bit more complex than hers (no shade.)

In a conversation with a fellow Millennial On A Mission the other day, I mentioned that I felt like I was behind and needed a moment just to stop and breathe. Her next response helped me put a LOT into perspective very quickly:

"Chasity, you're not behind at all. In fact, you're a lot further than most. You just need to redirect your energy and time to things that matter the most to you."

Of course! Why didn't I think of that? While I love helping others strategize how they can reach their full potential, I can't neglect things that make me the happiest. No doubt - I can name about 50-11 distractions that have kept be from launching that blog, or starting that new venture. But now is the time to learn from my mistakes, and move forward in the right direction.

What helped me even feel more at ease is that my mentor-in-my-head blogger, queen of shade, ultimate #gladiator and social extraordinaire Luvvie Ajayi has even admitted to feeling the same way. And while people think her brand has blown up overnight, she had to quickly set the record straight via her Facebook page:

"Nothing happening for me right now was fast. This was a 12 year process. I am a 12-year overnight success. And what comes with it is that I am currently overwhelmed. It's a first world problem but I am. I feel like I'm neglecting so many people from it too.

I just saw a picture of me where I looked exhausted. That is what my default is nowadays. I NEEDED the last 3 days in Phoenix. And to twerk in a pool. And to ignore emails. And to act like I'm not constantly playing catch up. Or that I am not drowning in THINGS. But yeah... I am overwhelmed. But I am grateful. Always grateful." 

Moral of the story? Right now, at this moment in your personal and professional life, you are RIGHT where you are supposed to be. While being proactive is always a plus, don't force it boo-boo! By all means, if you don't like something - change it! But know that it will TAKE TIME for you to see the results of your labor. Yes, you will get overwhelmed, anxious, and even a little scarred at times. But as long as you remember WHY you started, you will be able to keep going. Take the time to really enjoy the experiences that come your way, and ALWAYS show gratitude. Because when you do, the universe will continue to bless you with new opportunities on your journey to greatness.

Never forget that you're amazing, and don't let comparison steal your joy, or stop you from reaching your goals. We all have the ability to be successful, it just takes pacing ourselves and practicing patience.

Here's to much more amazingness in 2015,