Millennial on a Mission: Dashawn Holmes

Happy Monday! Today's "Millennial on a Mission" is the founder of the UrbanFlix, Inc., an online media company that will house classic African-American movies, television shows, documentaries and original content. Launching in August 2015, UrbanFlix looks to become "the number one hub for classic urban content of the past and present."

I'd like for you to meet Dashawn Holmes.


Born in Fort Bragg, North Carolina but raised in the Bronx New York, Dashawn attended Central Christian College of Kansas. While there, he received his bachelor's degree in criminal justice. "Currently, I am pursuing my Masters in Organizational Leadership," Dashawn says, "all the while preparing for the launch of UrbanFlix at the end of this summer."

CCWhat has inspired you to pursue your choice of career? What challenges have you faced in building UrbanFlix Online, and what have you learned from them?

DH: The first would be lack of inspirational content for people of color online. Secondly, I'm an extreme movie and content buff. I decided to fill a void in the online streaming media field, which is the urban community. Understanding I don't have millions of dollars to acquire Hollywood blockbusters, I have decided to work on becoming the hub for independent urban content and also create a ton of original content that the urban community can be proud of. I learned early on not to expect too many handouts. I have a dream and without hard work, it will remain just that -- a dream.

To Dashawn, a "Millennial on a Mission" is any young entrepreneur on a mission to be successful and be the very best at what they do. "My advice to any young professional would be to follow your dreams. If not, you'll be hired to follow and build someone else's."

To learn more about UrbanFlix, visit their website and following them on Twitter and Instgram