Millennial on a Mission: Tyece Wilkins

This week's Millennial on a Mission is a young woman that is truly passionate about storytelling, and sharing the lessons that life continues to teach her. A corporate communicator by day, she is the creator and editor-in-chief of the millennial blog Twenties Unscripted. Meet Tyece Wilkins.



Originally from the Baltimore, Maryland area, Tyece attended the University of Maryland and studied communications. She started off as a journalism major, and later took some advice from her dad to expand her options and switch to communications instead. "I currently wear two hats," she says. "I work in corporate communications by day and cultivate my blog and brand Twenties Unscripted during my off hours." Tyece likes to think of Twenties Unscripted as her career of choice, even though it is still an infant and she's still building it brick by brick.

CC: What inspired you to pursue your choice of career? Who are some individuals you admire in and out of your field of work? What challenges have you faced in building your business/brand, and what have you learned from them?

TW: Demetria Lucas D'Oyley,  Michael Jones, GG Renee Hill of All The Many Layers, and Erica Nichole are just a few of the writers that in one way or another inspire, uplift and continuously remind me to pursue my passion with energy and bravado. Building Twenties Unscripted has, and continues to be, filled with challenges. Perhaps the biggest challenge is developing a sense and spirit of patience and trusting that all things happen in due time. I keep learning this and seeing this. Sometimes the things I think are missed opportunities are simply delayed opportunities. Building a brand requires you to really tune out the noise, something that is incredibly difficult to do in our social media packed lives. But, I am learning how to better center myself and focus on the different legs of my own journey.

To Tyece, a Millennial on a Mission is someone who climbs the steps of his or hers journey with passion, fire, courage, perspective and grace. "I am very into using the word "journey" now instead of words like goals or objectives," she says. "Words like "goals" or "objectives" feel very finite to me. This wildly beautiful combination of setbacks, failures, successes and mentors felt much more connected."

Tyece doesn't just strive to live and achieve her dreams daily–she DOES live and achieve her dreams daily. "Every day I wake up excited to build Twenties Unscripted, no matter what that means for that day," she says. "Some days, it may just mean writing a blog post, and others it means responding to pitches or preparing for an upcoming event. No matter what it is, every day I get to add one more brick to the empire I'm building, and nothing enlivens me more than that."

If there's a piece of advice she would offer her peers, it would be to not ever see the pursuit of a dream as a risk; see it as a necessity. "Feeding your passion and making your way through this world convicted about and confident in your purpose is necessary for your health, happiness and evolution. " 

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