We're Halfway Through 2015, How're Those Goals Looking?


Happy Thursday, peeps! So yesterday as I was scurrying around my apartment getting ready for work, it dawned on me that we're six months into 2015. SIX. WHOLE. MONTHS! HOW SWAY? It seemed like only yesterday I was ringing in the new year with loved ones and sobbing over the debut of Kanye West's "Only One". Now, I'm gearing up to run my second 10 K, cracking open book number 6 of my list of 15 for 2015, bring my 2-year-old brainchild to life (finally, I know) and preparing for one of the busiest summers of my adulthood.

But all of that hasn't come with its own set of obstacles. When I set my personal goals this year, little did I know that not only would not only change, but they would evolve into things that are much bigger than myself. And while I'm still working on personal quirks of mine, I'm so incredibly proud of the progress I've made thus far.

In January, like many individuals, I created a vision board of things I want to accomplish in 2015. From images of traveling to interior design to Auntie FLOTUS, I've kept this poster hung above my desk and look at it daily as a reminder of the #Manifest365 focus that I established back at the end of December. Terms like "Ready for Love", "RUN", "Change is in the Wind" and "Be Thankful" also serve as constant reminders. Additionally, I keep a journal that I look at once a week to review the top 10 confirmations that I have set for myself in 2015. And while some days I just want to come home, grab a glass of wine, watch some Family Guy and go to sleep, (because, sleep is necessary) it is also important to take time and celebrate the small victories you have achieved in order to keep yourself motivated.

If there's one thing I suggest as we move forward in the rest of 2015, is to be stubborn with your goals and flexible with your methods. Sh*t is going to happen, no doubt - but it's all about how you react to it. Plans fell through on one of your goals? Someone didn't hold up their end of the bargain? You didn't get that promotion you were hoping for? Yell out "PLOT TWIST", take it as a teachable moment and keep it moving! Everything isn't always going to be rainbows and butterflies. You're going to have people that disagree with you, ignore you and maybe even throw a little shade your way. But you know what? Just. Keep. Going. And another thing – don't beat yourself up if you miss a deadline. We're all human and don't need to put unnecessary pressure on ourselves (I'm doing my best to take my own advice too.) And finally, don't forget to celebrate yourself! Whether that be with a Saturday of pampering or binge watching Netflix on a Saturday afternoon, don't forget to make time for YOU. Work smart, hustle hard and have some damn fun! We've got six more months to make our dreams come true, and I know we can do it!

So I must ask: how have YOU been keeping up with your 2015 goals? Is it with an-on going list? Do you keep them in your phone? Or do you have a few accountability buddies? How to you celebrate your achievements? Share with me some of your methods, and I'll tweet them out!

Here's to the rest of 2015 being AWESOME!