Four Years and Counting...


Why hello there, lovely one! Did you miss me?  I'll be honest - after 17 days of not blogging, it was a little difficult to log-on and start writing. I've been so busy in the last few weeks (Operation #HireChasity is still very real) that I never really had time to prepare myself for the return. But better late than never, right?

All week long, I've been asking myself a million questions, but certain ones have been on repeat like your favorite song:

  • What do I talk about?
  • Do I share what I did during the hiatus, or why I took it in the first place?
  • Is anyone still interested in what I have to say?
  • Where do I go from here? 

And trust me, those were some the hardest questions I've had to ask myself in all my four years of blogging.

But I had truthfully reached a point where I felt as though I was blogging just to blog. And when you start to do something just to do it, you're ultimately losing your passion and neglecting the reason why you're doing it in the first place.

So with the seasons in the midst of changing, I've decided that it's time to move forward with focus and purpose.

It's no secret that I love to write. In the last few months as most of you all have peeped, I've been cranking out content for an amazing new platform called Slant News. I've never considered myself a journalist, but being a product of Newhouse, I was taught to do a little bit of everything. ;-)

I've been challenged to produce content quickly and succinctly, all the while reporting the news at an angle that is sometimes much different than my own. This experience has truly sharpened my writing, and allowed me to share important information to a much larger audience which I'm truly grateful for. It's also reignited my fire for sharing stories here on my personal platform, and empowering my generation to do the same.

Now, back to the blog. Will there be a few changes in the next few months? Perhaps - because change is always good. However, it's still going to be Chasity doing it for the 99 and the 2000 as always, just this time with some glitter and sprinkles and maybe a strobe light or two.

So thank you for rocking with me for the last four years consistently. I hope you all keep rolling with me as begin a new chapter in my blogging journey.

With love,