Wine + Wisdom: Risk Rejection.


Good evening, and welcome to the inaugural post of 'Wine + Wisdom',  where I will share the latest wine that I'm sippin' on and a life lesson that I've encountered over the course of the week. Questions, comments or wisdom you'd like to share? Be sure to hit me on Twitter or in the comments below. Let's pour up, shall we? 

There's so much power in taking a risk. Leaping  jubilantly into the unknown with mustard seed-sized faith, and putting yourself so far out on front street that there can't be any possible way of you finding your way back to where you started. For as long as I can remember, I've never been scared to try something new, but it's the reaction to my risk taking that usually gives me pause. Sometimes, it's positive; but the negative usually results in the form of rejection.


Reflecting on this, I'm finishing up the last bottle of four from my quarterly Bright Cellars subscription . It's a 2014 Nero D'avola Terre Siciliane by Arduini, and it is absolutely delicious. To break that down for y'all, Nero D'avola translates to "the most important red wine grape in Sicily" - specifically southeast Sicily . If you know me, you know I love my red wine and this one in particular has just the right amount of dryness and sweetness. With notes of raspberry and blackberry, this red wine is on the lighter side and doesn't linger too long on the pallet.

Now that you've gotten into my pour, back to the wisdom. Experiencing rejection is never easy, but it's a character builder that is absolutely necessary. From not getting the job of your dreams, to losing your job, to being ignored and/or completely dismissed by your significant other, the feeling of inadequacy and worthlessness can seep through at the drop of the dime.

But it's important that you don't allow the outcome of rejection to take over you. Yes, you took a step into the unknown and put your heart on the line, only to hear the word "no" and get your ego is bruised in the process. You feel all the terrible negative feels and maybe even question whether or not you deserve what your heart truly desires. Again, don't play yourself! These feelings are temporary, and believe it or not, you're a lot tougher than you could ever imagine. Most importantly, you are deserving of all the happiness, joy and peace the world has to offer.

Moral of the story? Embrace rejection because it'll make you stronger and more resilient in the end. Taking risks is apart of this thing we call life, and every thing you've ever wanted is waiting for you on the other side of fear.

Until next time, keep your head up and that wine glass full.