Wine Around Town: ENO Wine Bar


Happy Wine Wednesday! A few weeks ago, I took a trip to a wine bar that has quickly become a new favorite.

ENO Wine Bar, located on the corner of 28th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW and right next to the Four Seasons Washington in Georgetown, looks cute and quaint upon first glance. But after stepping inside, you're greeted by a comfortable fusion of old world wine country and modern design (they've got a beautiful cellar and super chic tasting room in the basement!) I first learned of ENO via Twitter, when they extended an invitation for me to come visit. We all know that taking a trip to Georgetown can sometimes be a feat, but I was determined to give this wine tasting room a try. 


And I wasn't disappointed! Their happy hour was fairly reasonable, with glasses of their house white, red and rosé priced at $5 a glass. What makes ENO super special is that they have wine available on tap. Yes, you read that correctly - they've got wine on tap. From my table, I could see about five taps that pour various wines. (Trust me, if I had enough time, trust - I would've tried them all.)  They also have a variety of nibbles that pair nicely with their wines, something I will definitely have to try upon my next visit.

As a first timer to the tasting room, I decided to first try their rosé. It was waaay too hot outside for a heavy red, and I wasn't in the mood for a very sweet white wine, so the rosé seemed to be a happy medium.


Crisp and light upon first taste, this Rosé Grenache was definitely a great choice - but I eventually moved on to try their red wine on tap. For a while, I was wary of rosé wine because I thought it was too fragrant and sweet. But my love for dry red and white wine has allowed my taste buds to be more adventurous and explore the berry delightful and smooth taste of rosé.


If ever you're ever visiting Georgetown around happy hour, I highly recommend stopping by ENO wine tasting room for a supreme experience. Be sure to check out their website and follow them on Twitter  and Instagram for updates.