Five Ways To Curb Your Anxiety At Work

Hey there, beloved!

With the end of the year right around the corner, I can only imagine how many of us are feeling the 'end-of-year' pressure at our respective places of work. With hella deadlines to meet, conversations about shopping and traveling, and endless holiday parties, it can be quite the challenge to actually get sh*t done. 

I'll keep it 100 -- I have the tendency to become rather overwhelmed and anxious when things begin to pile up and I feel as though I'm racing against the clock. My disposition gets serious, I rely heavily on Spotify to get me through the day and I can be at work later than usual. And while I'm grateful that my work environment is far from stressful or toxic, (shout-out to God for my new job, btw) I do think that a lot of times I bring the stress on myself when I fail to prioritize, ask for help and extend grace to myself when I need it. 

So as you're wrapping up those last few assignments before setting that last OOO message of 2017, here are five quick ways you can curb your anxiety while on the job: 


1. Got an idea and want to remember it later? Write that sh*t down. - I am a strong proponent of keeping a notebook and some sticky notes on deck at all times. While Google Calendar and the Notes app are hip and effective, writing by hand can improve your memory and keep you focused.  Whether you need to remember to email Susan from Accounting by COB or you find yourself toe-deep in your feelings after scrolling through a timeline, take a quick second to pull out a pen and kick it old school by writing yourself and old fashioned note. 

2. Go for a walk. Now before you start to turn up on me friend, I hear you - it's cold AF outside now because, winter. But trust me when I say that there's nothing like a swift cold wind to hit you in the face and wake you up from that 2:30 pm slump. Even if it is a quick loop around the block, getting from behind your computer every few hours helps with blood circulation, keeps your stress low and increases your focus. 


Come back, Barack...

Come back, Barack...

3. Listen to some bomb a** tunes. I don't know about you, but there's something very soothing about listening to music as I tick off things on my to-do list. While I'm a known trap music aficionado, I do appreciate grooving to an array of calming sounds throughout my day. Here's a quick and cute playlist I put together to help get you through these last few days before holiday vacation. 

4. Drink some tea. Now, y'all know me as the #TeaAndTrapTuesday queen, but I also enjoy sipping on a little bit of Jasmine or Chamomile through the rest of the week. Unlike coffee, (which is still delicious) tea (in my opinion) reminds you to slow down and savor the moment. While there are countless teas for you to indulge, green tea is usually the best bet when you're starting to feel anxiety starting to creep up and it's good for you too! 


5. JUST BREATHE. You will be surprised at how quickly your mood will change once you just stop to inhale and exhale. Whenever I'm faced with an assignment that requires a quick turn around or I read an email that I don't quite vibe with, I stop, close my eyes - inhale and exhale. If there's a quiet phone room or even an open conference room, pop in for a few minutes to meditate or say a quick prayer of gratitude to get everything back in chaka. Take the time you need to pause, realign and get yourself back to a place where you can produce your best work. Because, YOU DESERVE. 

When things get a little hectic at work, how do curb your anxiety and get yourself back on track? Comment below or send me a tweet with some of your best practices for keeping your stress and anxiety in check.