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UPDATE: 22 Newsletters That Should Slide Into Your Inbox

UPDATE: 22 Newsletters That Should Slide Into Your Inbox

While most people don't like their inbox cluttered with more mail than it needs, I actually look forward to receiving certain e-newsletters on a daily and weekly basis. I love reading and learning new things, so each newsletter is an opportunity for me to add to my toolbox of knowledge (or 'stay woke' as the kids say.)

So in no particular order, peep the 22 e-newsletters that you should to subscribe to ASAPington.

3 Reasons Why Debra Lee Joining Twitter's Board Of Directors Is A Big Deal


Yesterday, Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey announced that chairwoman and CEO of BET Networks Debra Lee would be joining the company's board of directors:

The newly appointed board member shared her enthusiasm about her new post as well:

For many women who work and thrive in the tech world, this groundbreaking announcement was met with much excitement:

Now, regardless of how you feel about BET Networks and its leadership since Free and A.J. left 106 and Park, this right here is a pretty big deal.


Here are three reasons why Debra Lee's newest seat at the Twitter table is so important:

  1. Smart Business Move. In case you missed it, African Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 are the largest demographic that use Twitter - that's the same demo that BET has and continues to target with its programming. From watching shows like Game of Thrones (#DemThrones) and Scandal week after week, to elevating necessary conversations on diversity, inclusion and racial equality with #BlackLivesMatter or #OscarsSoWhite, Black Twitter is a living and breathing entity that continues to take the Internet by storm. With Ms. Lee joining the board of directors, she not only brings a wealth of knowledge about an audience that she serves and looks to empower on a daily basis, but she also brings the access she has to the millions of African Americans who drive many of these conversations on the social network. I don't want to jump the gun, but this could be a huge opportunity for both BET and Twitter to collaborate on some necessary projects that highlight the need for more men and women of color in technology. Which brings me to my next point...


2. Diversity. In December 2014, Twitter painted #BlackLivesMatter on the wall in their San Francisco headquarters, which was thoughtful, but not received well -- given the lack of African Americans and other people of color who work in their offices. Twitter (along with a number of other tech companies) have acknowledged this problem, and have made the commitment to work on bringing more talented men and women of color into the technology workforce. But beyond the obvious, Twitter hasn't done the best job at making sure that diverse voices are present on its board of directors. Debra Lee is now the third woman to be added to Twitter's board (Marjorie Scardino and Martha Lane Fox were the first and second, respectively), demonstrating that Twitter is recognizing how important it is to have more than just white men at the table making decisions.

3. #BlackGirlMagic. How many black women CEOs do YOU know currently sitting on the boards of major technology companies? (That's okay, I'll wait.)

Debra Lee being appointed to Twitter's board of directors is nothing short of inspiring. Besides Oprah Winfrey, there aren't that many women leaders with a strong board presence. For many of us emerging women leaders in technology and beyond with dreams of one day dominating board rooms on a global scale, Ms. Lee's appointment is motivating and empowering, and gives us something to look forward to.

What are your thoughts on Debra Lee's new board position? Let me know in the comments below or send me a tweet!


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#WisdomWednesday 'Practice What You Preach' Periscope Re-cap

Happy Wednesday!

For those of you who weren't able to join me for this afternoon's Wisdom Wednesday Periscope chat, I've shared the points I covered below.

Also, for a limited time, you can watch the broadcast by clicking here.

Many thanks to everyone who joined me today!


Six Ways Millennials Can Practice What They Preach

1. Don't let comparison steal your joy!

2. Be stubborn about your goals, and flexible with your methods.

3. Recognize your weaknesses and figure our how your strengths can help you improve them.

4. Show your work! (Literally, and read the book!)

5. Celebrate small victories.

6. Don't let fear hold you back.

*Bonus: Be resourceful! Don't be afraid to ask for help.

I hope that you find this helpful! Until next time!


#TechTuesday: Twitter Gets Rid of Custom Backgrounds

Have you noticed that your Twitter page has all of a sudden become very bright? If you haven't then you may want to take a look again, because Twitter has stripped us of our cool wallpapers and replaced them with a very bright (some are even calling it blinding) white wallpaper. And trust, people are not too happy about it.


(They left blank space baby, I can't write my name.)

When I noticed it last night, I didn't really think much of it - but looking back,  I did have a pretty cool background image that I wish I would've saved. :-(

Wondering why Twitter has done this? Well, they haven't made that reason completely clear. But according to Mashable, you are still able to see the custom background you once had when you click on individual tweets.



(UPDATE: It's now 3.5 years.)

Thoughts on this weird update? Hopefully, Twitter will provide us with the ability to express our background creativity soon and very soon. Let me know your thoughts by shouting me a holler in the comments below or sending me a tweet!

Until next #TechTuesday,


3 More Ways You Should Be Promoting Your Blog Posts


Happy Wednesday! As many of you know, I absolutely love to double-tap, tweet and get my Snapchat on -- but blogging is life. There's nothing like sitting behind the keyboard and typing your thoughts away, with heavy the anticipation of what people will think of your crafted words.

What happens after you click "publish" though? Sure, you share the post with your family and friends on Facebook, screen cap the post for Instagram and share it for your Twitter followers. But did you know that there are other ways you can promote your posts to get more eyeballs to your site? After I click publish in WordPress, I go through a promotion ritual that includes sharing my post on a total of six social networks to increase engagement.

Check out these three additional ways I use to promote my blog posts. Let me know what you think!


1. Google+ - Although Google tried and didn't quite succeed at making fetch happen,  I still enjoy using Google+. Contrary to popular belief, many major media outlets still use the medium to promote their content. Why? Because they've built "circles" or small communities that gives them the opportunity to engage with their audience in a different way. For those of us that use Gmail for EVERYTHING, Google+ offers you the opportunity to categorize your contacts and share content publicly or with certain groups. If you aren't already, I would highly suggest exploring Google+, because it's a great way to interact with brands, influences and thought leaders in a more intimate setting (for now.)




2. LinkedIn - Some bloggers may be hesitant to share their personal blog post on such a professional platform, but sharing your blog posts that are relevant to your sector builds thought leadership and personal brand. I don't know about you, but I'm connected with individuals on LinkedIn that may not follow me on Twitter or be friends with on Facebook. In addition to the opportunity to writing posts directly on LinkedIn, sharing blog posts from your personal website on LinkedIn yields the opportunity for your content to be shared with a different audience (or even a future employer.) As with other social networks, be sure to tag relevant individuals or media outlets that you mention in your posts for additional exposure.



3. Pinterest - This outlet can be used for more than finding recipes and planning your dream wedding! As part of  my promotion ritual, I am always certain to share my new blog posts on one of my Pinterest boards. But there's a way to take it a step further - join a group board and promote your blog post there too! I'm grateful to be apart of a number of group Pinterest boards, but when it comes to sharing content related to my favorite subject (millennials!) I always pin my posts to my favorite Millennial boards. Pinterest has grown to be an amazing digital marketing platform that bloggers (myself included) should take advantage when it comes to promoting their websites and blogs.

Are there other ways in which you promote your fresh blog posts? Let me know in the comments below or send me a tweet!