From Fired To Focused: Katrina Craigwell Shares How She Overcame It

Happy Thursday, friends! As many of you know, I recently was let go from my job - and I'm now on the hunt for the next cool opportunity. (#HireChasity is in full effect - tell a friend!)

Any who, I recently RSVP'd for an event that will be hosted in D.C. next week by Worn Creative, an agency based out of New York City that works with a pretty dope roster of well-known brands. (Think Jrink, &pizza.)

As I continued to explore their website, I came across a YouTube video of a pretty black girl with amazing curly hair and awesome shoes (#BlackGirlMagic is EVERYWHERE y'all.) She explains how she got fired from her job early on in her career, and while she had her moments of doubt and insecurity, she didn't let that moment define her.

Katrina Craigwell is currently the Director of Global Programming and Content at GE, and during one of Worn's F*it events in NYC, she encouraged the audience to stop, think, and breathe even in the midst of life's most chaotic moments. Her story just goes to show that you can get fired from your job, overcome it and STILL end up the Forbes List. (Katrina is on the Top 30 Most Creative List - pow!)

Check out Katrina's chat below, and if you're in the DC area, be sure to RSVP for Worn's F*it event next week - I'll be there! And Katrina, thank you for sharing your truth, reminding us all to take a moment breathe, and inspiring me to take control of my own debris so I can continue to move forward.