Adhere To Your Calling

Adhere To Your Calling.



1. stick fast to (a surface or substance)
2. believe in and follow the practices of
3. represent truthfully and in detail.



It’s a skill that we practice every day. Whether we’re jamming to our favorite tunes on Spotify, or chatting it up with our friends on the phone, listening takes precision and patience that we must give ourselves the opportunity to perfect.

But what about listening to the world around you? You know, the taking heed to life’s teachable moments that actually can point you in the right direction of your passion and purpose? Two weeks ago, I wrote a blog post on the importance of “shifting your focus.” At that particular time, I was faced with making a few major decisions that required me to really silence some of the usual noise that was in my midst, and really focus on doing what was best for me. It was rather physically and emotionally draining, but I’m grateful to my family and close, close friends for praying for and with me to make the most sound decision.

Not gonna front — it is gutsy to follow your heart. While your family, friends and mentors all want the best for you (and you don’t want to disappoint them,) sometimes you have to take that risk on yourself and know that your next move will in fact be your best move.

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#ShareYourPlate with CCUSA!


Happy Sunday folks!

It’s getting close to dinner time, and I’m sure many of you are looking in your refrigerators and cupboards like, “What in the world shall I cook?

Many of us are blessed to have an abundance of delicious items to choose from for any meal, but did you know that 49 million Americans live in food-insecure homes? For those of you unfamiliar with food insecurity, it is defined by the United States Department of Agriculture as “limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe foods or limited or uncertain ability to acquire acceptable foods in socially acceptable ways.” Pretty unbelievable when we live in a nation of plenty, right?

Catholic Charities USA, one of the leading nonprofit organizations that has worked for over 100 years to reduce poverty in America, has started the #ShareYourPlate challenge and they need your help! This challenge, issued in a cooking video by CCUSA’s president Father Larry Snyder, comes in conjunction with Caritas Internationalis’ “One Human Family, Food For All” hunger campaign. And from now until November 26th, CCUSA wants YOU to #ShareYourPlate in this virtual meal!

To participate in the #ShareYourPlate challenge, follow the steps below: 

1. Snap a photo or a quick video (no longer than 5 minutes, please) of your favorite homemade meal.

2. Next, share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or Pinterest using the hashtags #ShareYourPlate and #FoodForAll

3. Finally, challenge your friends, family members and co-workers to share their plates in this virtual meal!

Above, I’ve shared my plate of quick and easy Shrimp Fried Rice from a recipe that I borrowed from Stephanie Cooks via Pinterest. You can totally substitute shrimp for beef or chicken, and use any veggies that you would like. Now that I’ve shared my plate, I would like to challenge my friends Victoria Chan, Nykeba Corinaldi, Alexandra Givan, Taylor Henriquez, and Chefs JR Robinson of Kitchen Cray and Kevin Curry of Fit Men Cook.

Together, we can raise awareness about hunger in America, and help organizations like Catholic Charities USA and Caritas Internationalis fight poverty once and for all.


For more information about the #ShareYourPlate challenge, visit 


Thank you!




[EVENT]: Join ME Changemakers @ ‘Perfecting Your Pitch’




Are you an innovator, creative, or a 20-30 something dynamic entrepreneur? Then next week’s “Perfecting Your Pitch” event sponsored by

Millennial Entrepreneur Changemakers is just for you!

Founded by entrepreneurs and “Millennials on a Mission” Dominique Broadway and Jessica Echols, ME Changemakers is a group with a purpose of uplifting and bringing together young professionals that are forward thinking, innovative and creative.

At next Wednesday’s event, you will have the opportunity to:

• Learn how to effectively communicate what you do and what takes to create the perfect pitch

• Break into groups to create, practice and present a mini-pitch

• Hear about opportunities and resources to pitch and grow your business

• Network with other Changemakers and Entrepreneurs

If you are motivated to shake up a industry, start a social enterprise that will change the world or have a dynamic start-up that will bring forth something new for our generation, you are welcome! Guest speaker Thomas Mitchell, founder and CEO of SnkTrd (sneak + trade) will be on hand to share his experience in pitching his business, and how he became a finalist in Miller Lite’s Tap the Future contest.

Our events will bring in successful Millennial Entrepreneurs that will share their stories, networking opportunities to help you grow and a chance to meet others with a passion for change!

You can also register through the event page: Ticket price includes event entry, discounted cocktails, appetizers, and other goodies!

Be sure to follow them on Instagram and Twitter at @MEChangemakers for more updates.

See you next Wednesday evening!


#TechTuesday: Meet 2020Shift

Happy #TechTuesday, friends!

We’re well aware of the many strides that the technology industry is taking in order to diversify itself. After many years, companies like Google, Apple, and Yahoo! have finally realized that it’s necessary to adhere to the changing workforce landscape in order for them to be most successful.

I sat down with millennial entrepreneur and talent acquisition strategist Ariel Lopez, who is the founder of 2020Shiftan online education platform designed to get minority college students and recent grads into AdTech. Her motto is turning passion into profit and helping others to do the same.



CC: What are your thoughts on these technology giant joining forces and investing in the professional development and advancement of young women in technology? How do you think other major tech giants can and should follow suit?

AL: The WEST initiative sounds amazing. It’s always great to see initiatives that encourage the professional development of women in technology. I believe other companies are following suit in a similar matter, however it’s important to recognize this is not the only answer to the diversity issue. There are a number of underrepresented groups in the industry (women included) and there are a variety of approaches that can be taken to make things more inclusive.

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Millennial on a Mission: Taylor Henriquez

Happy Monday, Millennials!

Do you love food? No, I mean REALLY love its different combinations, textures and tastes, but never have time to cook a quality meal? Well, today’s “Millennial on a Mission” would like to help you change that, and welcome you to her table. While she once had dreams of becoming a PR executive in the cable television industry, she soon realized that her job no longer served a purpose for the goals she wanted to achieve in her career. So she changed her circumstances, took a risk, quit her job and began working at a neighborhood bakery and catering company to learn more about the restaurant industry and to become a better cook in her own right.  I’ve known this savvy chef since our intern days in the T. Howard Foundation, and it has truly been amazing to watch her pursue her passion, and encourage others to live healthy lives as well.

Meet Taylor Henriquez.



Born in New York, Taylor spent most of her adolescence in Central Illinois and Atlanta.  After graduating from the University of Georgia, where she studied journalism with a concentration in public relations, she made her way back up to New York City and began working as a public relations coordinator at a television network. Since childhood, Taylor has never been a pick eater, and remembers fondly helping her mother bake pies and cookies from scratch. She also credits her paternal grandmother for teaching me how to cook and appreciate foods that she ate while growing up in Panama. Taking all that she’s learned, she has now launched her own cooking website and YouTube series that showcase quick, healthy and affordable meals anyone can make.

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Shift Your Focus.


It’s something that we all try desperately to achieve daily. With so many tabs, windows, notifications and messages, it can sometimes be a little tough to concentrate on our tasks at hand.

But I’m not here to talk about the many distractions of the Internet, but rather those of life that can veer us off course if we aren’t careful. I’ve always been the girl that’s been super involved in EVERYTHING for as long as I can remember, but lately there have been times when I have had to advocate for myself and simply say “no.” In a world where we’re supposed to always say “yes,” I’ve found that agreeing to too many things can ultimately drown out your ability to hone in on those skills that will really fuel your passion.

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#TechTuesday: Meet WEST (Women Entering and Staying In Tech)

Happy Tuesday!

Okay, so last week Facebook, Pinterest (my FAVE) and Box announced a collaborative initiative called WEST that will specifically mentor young women in the tech industry. How awesome is that?

Launching in 2015, “Women Entering and Staying In Tech” will be a mentoring program comprised of online and offline interaction for young women in engineering, design, operations, product and web development. With the recent numbers coming out of Silicon Valley showing the lack of gender and racial diversity at technology giants like Google, Yahoo! and Apple, these three social networks have teamed up to invest in tomorrow’s leaders in technology.

According to their website, “women in technical roles from Facebook, Box, and Pinterest will serve as 1:1 mentors to a class of women in the early to middle-stages of their careers.” Young women living in the Bay Area (they hope to expand to other geographical locations) must apply in order to participate in the program. I don’t know about you, but I would absolutely love it to learn first hand from women at any of these major technology companies. And while there are tons of organizations nationwide focused on enhancing and enriching the lives of young women in the tech space, it definitely says a lot that these three giants recognize the importance of women leading in this field.

Women make tech better,” reads the WEST website. “It is our hope that this program will help more women enter and flourish in these increasingly important and necessary technical roles.”

Ladies, if you live in the Bay Area and want to be take part in this awesome opportunity, sign up here!

(h/t Tampa Bay Business Journal